Yelp for Business: Tips and a Webinar by Yelp

Yelp for Business: Tips and a Webinar by Yelp

yelp-official-logoCustomer reviews on Yelp can bring organic search results BUT knowing about Yelp can be frustrating.

I sat in on a webinar hosted by Yelp. The host covered a few things I forgot and she also covered how to respond to reviews.

The host shares tips on getting reviews, how to deal with negative reviews, and commenting on your positive reviews. Learn how to check your Yelp business profile settings so you will get notifications from Yelp when customers post a review.

Learn why some Yelp reviews aren’t seen on your profile. Yelp is a great source of organic search results for your website. Set up your Yelp profile, add pictures, and optimize your description. Learn about Yelp help, Yelp badges, with additional links. Make sure to add your Yelp profile to your website, to your email signature, and even get a Yelp sign to put in your office. All of these tactics can help you build your reviews on Yelp.

Here are some helpful links:

Yelp for Business owners

Yelp Branding with approved logos

Yelp Settings for your review notifications

There are some good tips on how to reply to your reviews – both the good and the bad.

  • Private message the Yelper
  • Post a comment to the Yelper

The tips include examples of great business interactions and not so great. Learn about how to comment by these examples.

Here is the video link: It’s about 45 minutes

At 35 minutes she explains why some of your business reviews won’t show… why they “aren’t recommended” .

  • Some Yelpers don’t have a lot of activity
  • The review comments sound spammy or suspicious
  • The Yelper may have a known connection to the business
  • And finally, not every single rave or rant is highlighted

Check it out here:

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