Starter Package

This can grow

at $1500

The Starter site package is a great deal for many small businesses. It gets you started and provides you with the tools to create your own unique web presence.

Your site will say exactly what you want it to and this theme is customizable using colors and images.

Once you have set up your domain name and website hosting (see Start Here page)…

I’ll do the following:

  • Template Set-up: Send me links to a web site style that you like and I can help choose a similar theme that works for you and appeals to your customers.
  • Page Names: I’ll set up your basic pages: Home, About, Services, Contact, and Blog, or whatever five pages you want.
  • Page content: I will upload your content and format paragraphs, bullets, or numbered lists. I’ll also insert the images that you provide.
  • Logo in Header: I’ll add your logo in the template header. I will need your logo in a jpeg file. If no logo, no big deal, we can use a nice font.
  • Background and Header images: you provide 1-5 images for the Home page, color palette, or texture/gradient image.
  • Plug-ins: These are mini-programs that can be inserted into the template, I’ll add the basics and recommend others for later.
  • Social icon: basic designs that link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc
  • Webmaster: Google Analytics, Submit Site, File backup.
  • Training: I will provide you with a basic HOW TO document and videos that I create and send via email. With this info you can add your content, create pages, and learn how to manage your own website. You can also look at my Blog posts or do your research on YouTube or Google and master your new site on your own schedule. The Starter package includes 1 hour of training.


  • Guarantee: You will have all the information & tools to learn:
    • basic management of your site.
    • basic photo editing skills.
    • how people read the web and how to write for your site.
    • SEO tips- Search Engine Optimization.
    • ways to get testimonials.
    • What’s your patience for learning? You may become frustrated but we can always set up extra training time or just hire me to take care of updates that you need.


This package provides you with everything you need to create a professional website.

After your initial set up you can continue to refer back to the videos and instructions provided, get new ideas from my blog posts, and continue building your online presence.

If things don’t work out the way you expect, you can always give me a call or email and I’ll help with additional support. The hourly fee is $85.00 with a half-hour minimum.

Writing effective web content is tough for most of us. Don’t let that stop your progress. There are plenty of free resources out there and I have listed my favorites on my blog. However, if you decide you need an editor, writer or content developer, I can help.

Don’t let technology get in your way. I remove the technical barriers and give you the site template and learning tools.


When you have more time than money, you can still have a professional website for your business or organization.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time.

Let’s get you started on creating a web presence for your business.