Mobile-Happy Websites

Biz Starter

The Starter site package is a great deal for many small businesses. It gets you started and provides you with the tools to create your own unique web presence. Your site will say exactly what you want and this theme is customizable using colors, fonts, and images.

Biz Complete

Includes everything in the Starter site package plus customization and extra training. Also included is basic SEO, Back-up, and security.  I’ll even help you with buying the domain and setting up hosting. Call me to get your site on the development schedule.

Biz Priority

Includes everything plus Content for your pages. The big time savers in this package are professional copy writing, image search and editing, basic branding & styling. Running your business takes time and these are some of the areas where I can help.

Need More?

I’ll post content to your Social Sites. The fact is: posting fresh, relevant content on a regular basis will help you be found by people who need what you do or what you have.

I have a few ways that it can be painless: You give me your content ideas, stories, or product info. Call into my voice line and your message is transcribed then edited to be an article or a snippet that can be posted on your other social profiles. The combination of blog posts and info on your social profiles will help people find you.

There’s no magic but over time, it all adds up to online goodness…and that’s the goal.

 Still Need More?

I can check your site on a regular basis to make sure the backups are verified, update your WordPress version, and your plugins.

Yep- I know you might be sayin “Huh?” Basically, my team and I make sure everything is tuned up so your website is safe and keeps running like the car you know and love. Because if your site crashes it’s bad! You might need this monthly or just Quarterly, it depends on your website activity.

Need Less?

Call me anyway. I’d hate to see you with nothing.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time.

Let’s get you started on creating a web presence for your business.