Text Marketing a Great Way to Stay in Touch with Customers

Text Marketing a Great Way to Stay in Touch with Customers

05-green-birdHow to use SMS marketing for your business: text messaging.

You can use SMS- text messaging for sending coupons or reminders to your customer list. You can also prompt people to opt in with keyword messages such as “Text the word MONEY to this number: 313131 for free money”. I tried out EZtexting.com and tested some messaging. The dashboard is easy to use, good how to videos and plenty of informaiton on how to use texting for your marketing.

I’m looking at different features and love how the dashboard has good data on your campaigns. Still looking at a few other services to see how they compare. A Free Trial is offered by most but I discovered that to really test the service I needed at least the basic paid plan. So far it was easy to cancel and get a refund. Stay tuned for my results.

Use Text Marketing: you’re at a trade show, signage on your work vehicle, on your business cards, brochures, Facebook or other social media.

There are lots of services out there. Check the list below:



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