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Answers to: How Do I Promote My Business Online?

Your-Website-200x300Your website is a like a big beautiful yacht- most of the fun happens when you launch it and keep it moving.
  • Your website deserves to be promoted and moving forward.
  • Do you have content that will help your customers?
  • Will your customers understand your purpose and your value?

Promoting your website is not a project because a project has a beginning and an end. Just like your business; you start it…and keep working on it. But that’s the fun part- building, changing, adapting, and growing.

Anyway, now that your website is up and running you might be wondering how the referrals and the money will start rolling in. Part of it is related to your content and then we talk about how and where to promote your business. Social media has a lot to do with it.

There are ways to bridge your offline networking with your online presence. By offline I mean when you meet people in person, when you attend or host events, plus your day to day contact with customers.

Note: this is a long post, there are short sections and each has resource links that I think you'll like.

Great Content and How You Can Deliver it- here we go...