Color Tag

03-orange-birdChoosing colors for a website is fun, complicated, and takes some time.

Your industry + your style + your customers: what's going to work? Keep in mind that colors show up differently on all monitors. You can't control how someone else's monitor is set. devices won't show what your desktop or tablet shows. A large monitor shows a great background image or colors, but mobile and tablets won't. I come across different color tools and like to share so here we go:


If you have a specific color but want a variation darker or lighter try this website. You can get a color code from your printer or maybe you already know how to do that.  There are color picker tools for different browsers.

Are you using the right colors on your website?

fav-colorMen and women respond to colors differently so you may want to pay attention to your target market instead of your personal choice. We recently did a color update for our client They discovered that about 80% of their site visitors were women. The problem was that their website was designed with a black background and dark grey....which is not the most appealing for their clients. Check out the before and after pictures: