Strategy for 2014: Online Trends & Best Practices

Strategy for 2014: Online Trends & Best Practices

How does this make you feel about your 2014 marketing plan?

Maybe it makes you feel annoyed, confused, or just overwhelmed. OR you’re one of the few and think it’s exciting. The dilemma is how to manage your time and budget. Then figure out why, where, if, or how to start. So how does this word scramble make you feel?

Marketing for Small Business in 2014

Still annoyed? Do you have a Marketing Department? Probably not. The world of online marketing opportunities and social media is overwhelming for a small business owner.  It’s a lot for me too. You may not even have an office manager or an admin assistant to rely on. Maybe it’s just you and some staff and a bookkeeper.

So how do you take on a marketing plan for 2014 without wasting time and money? I just offered up a way to get started to a handful of small business owners. We had an hour to go over a small chunk of the possibilities. Here are my slides, some might be helpful.

andrea hamilton

Andrea has been working with small business owners on their websites since 2010 and has been a business owner since 1992. Andrea's blog posts answer questions that come up from clients and from issues that she and her developers fix on a regular basis. Get in touch if you need help.