Start Here

There are a few basic steps.

  • Come up with a domain name.
  • Buy it.
  • Set up a hosting account.

> Your domain name is like a car, the hosting account is like a garage.

> Your email account is set up at the hosting account and included in the fee.

> Best practice is to buy domain and hosting from different services.

I can make this all happen for you or check the steps list below:


1Choose a name:

When your first choice isn’t available as a .com then get creative. Create an excel list with words that work, combine them, and see what’s available. Bulk name search

My favorite:

When you need a name that’s not available as .com:

List of domain extensions with prices at

Bulk domain search for all extensions at

And…finally: a link to see if your new name is available on different Social sites:

Look at Social Media sites for available Usernames at

2Buy the Domain Name

  • You only need to buy the website name. I like GoDaddy or NameCheap, see links below. Many services prompt you to buy extra services.
  • Don’t buy the other products like email, or web developer. You’ll get that at a separate hosting service. I like Bluehost (below)
  • Just click “purchase name” or “go to checkout”
  • Purchase for minimum 2 years, search engines care about this.
  • You only need private registration if you want your name private.
  • Click the *NameCheap or Godaddy image links below to buy your domain name.

3Sign up for Hosting

  • You will need a credit card handy.
  • Your monthly fee is discounted based on how many years you buy at once. Search engines don’t care how long you host.
  • You will give them a password and they like it to be secure, might be at least 8 characters, include an uppercase, a symbol and maybe a number. Get this ready so you aren’t too frustrated.
  • You can have email hosted here, you can check it here or re-direct it to your Outlook, Gmail, etc.
  • Bluehost has a package that can host more than 1 domain name and emails for each domain.
  • Click the *Bluehost picture to sign up for hosting. They have great customer service.   godaddy-domain-renewal .  

*These are Affiliate links to services that I use for my own business. I would only recommend a service that I like and I think you will too. Get in touch and I can get these accounts set up for you.

Too Busy or Overwhelmed with this?? Give me a call or email and I’ll make it happen.

But Wait, There’s More!

Now that you’ve seen the first steps we’re ready to talk about the FUN stuff! Design, pictures, colors, fonts, content, Testimonials, traffic, customers, sales, mobile apps, and all the bits and pieces that help your business grow.

You know there are people out there who need you. Let’s keep going.

4What is the purpose for the website?

What are your goals and objectives for the website? Maybe it’s a a place where people can learn about you and your business. Your website can provide information for your current and potential customers.  Think about what your customers need.

  • What problems do you solve?
  • What do you want people to do when they find your website?
  • What is your key message that helps people understand exactly what you do or sell?

5What kind of content does your website need?

Think about your purpose and your customers. Writing messages and content that make sense to your target audience will help your search results. Use keywords that people are using to search for your product or services. They need to solve a problem or fill a need and they may not know the answer that you have.  If their plumbing is failing or the water pressure is terrible they aren’t looking for “low pressure fancy shower valve” but maybe they are searching for “how to deal with bad water pressure in my shower”.

  • Create an outline of the pages that you want.
  • Look at competitor sites.
  • Come up with a description of your business.
  • Make a list of the top 20-50 keywords that people might use to search for you.
  • What kind of pictures will make your website look great?
  • What is your offer or promotion?  We call this your call to Action.
  • Do you have information for your About page, Services, and FAQs?


Getting You Seen

I’m ready if you are. If this is what you’re ready to see happen then please get in touch. It takes time and money- and I can work with whatever you worry about most.