Social Media is a Hassle it’s Confusing it’s a Time Waster and Where’s the ROI?

Social Media is a Hassle it’s Confusing it’s a Time Waster and Where’s the ROI?

andrea blab final 22Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Videos, Blogging ~ are you kidding me?!

Social Media can help you keep in touch with customers plus helps people find you. Consider picking one platform and posting for 2-3 months. Then check your stats and see how it went. If your customers are on Social then why wouldn’t you be there too?

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

If you need help setting up tracking we can help with that. Google Analytics is a useful tool but for Instagram you’ll want to look at other tools. Look at  this post on SocialMediaToday with The 5 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools. 

  • Decide on a platform.
  • Ask your customers if you aren’t sure.
  • Start creating some content ~ words, pictures, and video.
  • Post to your blog or start a blog.
  • Try out posting tools like Buffer or Hootsuite.
  • Track and then measure.
  • See what worked.
  • Evaluate,  then do more of what worked or change the approach.





Social Media for Real Estate? Yes, I knew someone who wanted to give it a try.



Sherry and I experimented with We did a few tests and finally recorded something that was decent enough to watch. Because as much as Sherry loves the Yellow pages…she knows that Social isn’t going away.

A Minute of VIDEO + 1.8 millions words

So…she tried it out.

  • We did a recorded Blab which was a conversation about staging a house.
  • It wasn’t too bad. Blab sent us the video.
  • She uploaded the video to her new YouTube channel.
  • Sherry added a thumbnail image to the YouTube video in Video manager.
  • She posted the YouTube video link to her Facebook page and asked for feedback.

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post.

blab test

Here is the Video link:

But how does social media work for you?

How can you get it all done?

What to post?

How to do it?

Where is the payoff?

andrea blab final 22

Those are great questions!

Let’s do it.

andrea hamilton

Andrea has been working with small business owners on their websites since 2010 and has been a business owner since 1992. Andrea's blog posts answer questions that come up from clients and from issues that she and her developers fix on a regular basis. Get in touch if you need help.