Marketing Your Business with Videos and BLAB

Marketing Your Business with Videos and BLAB

blabThe newest Social platform and Video tool is called

Blab is a video chat app where you can have up to 4 people on a screen, having a conversation. Other Blab users can watch & listen from the sidebar. They can type in questions or comments, they can also ask to “sit” in an empty seat and participate.

WHY is this interesting for business? Conversations, teaching, customer service, sharing, promoting, marketing, meeting new people, making connections, finding new people to follow.

WHY also…as a Host you can record your Blab and embed this on your own website, upload the video to your YouTube channel, share and publish wherever it’s relevant.

BECAUSE video and images are the most shared types of content online.

AND it’s easy.

Resource links at the end of this post.

Some key points:

  • is Live Streaming Video
  • Blab is connected to Twitter
  • Log into Twitter and then create your Blab account
  • If you are new to Twitter try to create a handle that is consistent with your business name (or personal brand)
  • Your Blab profile shows your Twitter description but you can edit that in your Blab settings
  • It’s free, it’s public
  • There are seats for 4 people on the screen
  • Hosts can rotate the people on screen
  • Option to record but not required
  • If recorded then Blab emails the host the video and audio file
  • People can jump on and listen to your Blab conversation
  • They can add comments in the sidebar
  • They can ask to join an empty seat
  • Viewers can share to Facebook or Twitter with a simple click
  • Host can block people from commenting if they are creepy or spammy
  • Your recorded Blab will be available for viewing on
  • You CANNOT delete a Blab but you can “hide” it from your timeline
  • You can have a random streaming Blab or a specific topic and call it a Show
  • Blab is owned by Michael Birch- Bebo: blab info link here

First Blab – video link posted to Sherry’s YouTube channel.

Resources for

Here’s a link to my profile page  about Blab video chat app

Marc Levy The Ultimate Guide to Blab

Ben Requena Quick Tips on Blab

Here’s my Marketing team and they’re ready to Blab…! Are you?


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