Fix It Friday- Edit Your LinkedIn Profile

Fix It Friday- Edit Your LinkedIn Profile

1380838172_drink-icontexto-linkedin-web20How do you look on LinkedIn?

Here are some common mistakes made by CEOs and entrepreneurs. There are a few key areas that a lot of people overlook when they set up their profile. I made a  (short) video showing you how to fix up common mistakes.

Your LinkedIn profile represents you and your business just as much as a great looking business card.

I’ll cover these 4 areas in the video and there are bonus tips at the bottom of the page:

  1. Your profile URL
  2. Website links
  3. Adding media
  4. Adding profile background image

I show you exactly how to edit the 4 items in this video.

1- Your Profile URL: The default looks like:

You can edit that mess and remove the numbers. You may need to add a middle initial if your name is taken.

2- Contact section and website links: the default links are “Company Website, Personal Website, and Blog”.  Instead of default use the name of your website.

Use the “Other” field and add your website name. There’s a limit of 30 characters. This gives you some SEO points too. LinkedIn has high page rank and they’re giving you some credit, it’s called a do-follow link So make it good and use your keywords or website name. You can also add a PDF if you want to promote something that’s helpful to your connections.

3- Add Media: You can include videos, Slideshare presentations, or PDFs to your profile summary and also to your other job areas. here’s a place to add a customer testimonial video if you have that, or a video clip of you delivering an amazing presentation. Make a video with your information or portfolio. If you need help making a video check this page on my website with my favorite resources. OR- I can help. Let me know what you want and my team can make it for you.

4- Large profile image: This is a new feature that allows you to add a large image background, the image size can be 1400 x 425. If you don’t have any image editing on your computer my favorite free sites are: and Will this make you more money? Probably not, but if you’re picky about the style of your shoes or the weight of your business card stock then you may want to check this out.

Here are a few other bonus LinkedIn tips:


Add your phone number and your email address. Use a professional branded email address when you can. What do you think looks more professional? or  If you need help with this let me know.

Repeat your contact info in Summary if you want to create a compelling Call to Action.

YOUR HEADLINE: If you haven’t changed the default headline that LinkedIn automatically put there then you’re not making the best use of that prime real estate. You get 120 characters so use as many of the characters as you can, while keeping the headline comprehensible. More relevant keywords = more likelihood your profile will be found.

JOB TITLE:  LinkedIn allows 100 characters here, so you can add relevant keywords to each actual job title. For example, this job seeker’s actual job title at one company is: Senior Technical & Business Project Manager. But this user can add a few choice keywords to improve SEO: Senior Technical & Business Project Manager – Capital Markets Risk Management, MBS Disclosure

SYMBOLS ✔✔ like arrows, stars, etc. Copy/Paste a symbol from this sheet then add to your Summary or Jobs with a Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V:

Here’s a LinkedIn resource with all the Symbols


Give Recommendations and then start asking for the same. Use keywords and make it useful for your connection and the people who are reading their profile. If you aren’t sure to write then ask them what would be helpful. When you receive recommendations these will go into the relevant job description. You will also end up with a list of all recommendations toward the bottom of your profile.

SORTING your sections

When you’re in editing mode- you can re-arrange sections with the up-down arrow and drag to a better position.


Great tips straight from the source at LinkedIn Help

If you are struggling with figuring how to get in the game then we should talk. Or maybe you want to share this with a friend in business.

Let me know if this helps.

If you want more reading check the post at HubSpot: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

Or…maybe you just want someone to take care of this. Get in touch:

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