Website Design

Website for Real EstateDoes your Million Dollar Listing have a proper website?

You're a great real estate agent and you have a special house to sell. Here's a way to give that real estate property a special pizazz ~ give that listing it's own website name. You have control to show videos, beautiful large images, map, PDFs, and start capturing contact informaiton from prospective buyers. We include a link to the MLS listing and now your buyers have a better idea of what your special listing is all about. Set yourself and your client's home apart from the others.   You get a nice looking, professional portfolio website that can be used for your special listings as they come up. 

A Landing Page is a web page for a specific online marketing campaign. The purpose is to capture leads so you can market to people in the future. OR...

Are you using the right colors on your website?

fav-colorMen and women respond to colors differently so you may want to pay attention to your target market instead of your personal choice. We recently did a color update for our client They discovered that about 80% of their site visitors were women. The problem was that their website was designed with a black background and dark grey....which is not the most appealing for their clients. Check out the before and after pictures: