blabThe newest Social platform and Video tool is called

Blab is a video chat app where you can have up to 4 people on a screen, having a conversation. Other Blab users can watch & listen from the sidebar. They can type in questions or comments, they can also ask to "sit" in an empty seat and participate. WHY is this interesting for business? Conversations, teaching, customer service, sharing, promoting, marketing, meeting new people, making connections, finding new people to follow. WHY a Host you can record your Blab and embed this on your own website, upload the video to your YouTube channel, share and publish wherever it's relevant.

1380838172_drink-icontexto-linkedin-web20How do you look on LinkedIn?

Here are some common mistakes made by CEOs and entrepreneurs. There are a few key areas that a lot of people overlook when they set up their profile. I made a  (short) video showing you how to fix up common mistakes. Your LinkedIn profile represents you and your business just as much as a great looking business card. I'll cover these 4 areas in the video and there are bonus tips at the bottom of the page:
  1. Your profile URL
  2. Website links
  3. Adding media
  4. Adding profile background image
I show you exactly how to edit the 4 items in this video.