Are you using the right colors on your website?

fav-colorMen and women respond to colors differently so you may want to pay attention to your target market instead of your personal choice. We recently did a color update for our client They discovered that about 80% of their site visitors were women. The problem was that their website was designed with a black background and dark grey....which is not the most appealing for their clients. Check out the before and after pictures:

I had a great time meeting a group of Seattle area interior designers at the Duralee showroom. One of the things we talked about was how to create a mood board. I tried out a couple mood board sites and I really likes but  Olioboard was cheaper. My first try was a whitebard for visual ideas, it's and I created this little mood board.I've never done it so I took a stab, everything has a learning curve. is free for 2 murals, for 30 murals it's $29 mo, and there's a business level. I'm not sure if 2 is the total or if that's 2 per month. youronlinevisibility.1394838768006 The next one I wanted to try out is so I tried out a few images and decided it was pretty simple.