1380838172_drink-icontexto-linkedin-web20How do you look on LinkedIn?

Here are some common mistakes made by CEOs and entrepreneurs. There are a few key areas that a lot of people overlook when they set up their profile. I made a  (short) video showing you how to fix up common mistakes. Your LinkedIn profile represents you and your business just as much as a great looking business card. I'll cover these 4 areas in the video and there are bonus tips at the bottom of the page:
  1. Your profile URL
  2. Website links
  3. Adding media
  4. Adding profile background image
I show you exactly how to edit the 4 items in this video.

spy photoYou check your own online activity and then you also want to see what other people are doing in your industry. That's fair. You can do this manually, you can use free or paid tools (website services), or you can outsource the work. I've done a combination of all these. It depends on your time, your budget, and your goal. Here is a list of website services that you can look into: http://www.kompyte.com/features/ https://www.spyfu.com/ https://www.ispionage.com/ - This one shows ad samples: https://www.semrush.com/

05-green-birdHow to use SMS marketing for your business: text messaging.

You can use SMS- text messaging for sending coupons or reminders to your customer list. You can also prompt people to opt in with keyword messages such as "Text the word MONEY to this number: 313131 for free money". I tried out EZtexting.com and tested some messaging. The dashboard is easy to use, good how to videos and plenty of informaiton on how to use texting for your marketing. I'm looking at different features and love how the dashboard has good data on your campaigns. Still looking at a few other services to see how they compare. A Free Trial is offered by most but I discovered that to really test the service I needed at least the basic paid plan. So far it was easy to cancel and get a refund. Stay tuned for my results. Use Text Marketing: you're at a trade show, signage on your work vehicle, on your business cards, brochures, Facebook or other social media. There are lots of services out there. Check the list below:

Website for Real EstateDoes your Million Dollar Listing have a proper website?

You're a great real estate agent and you have a special house to sell. Here's a way to give that real estate property a special pizazz ~ give that listing it's own website name. You have control to show videos, beautiful large images, map, PDFs, and start capturing contact informaiton from prospective buyers. We include a link to the MLS listing and now your buyers have a better idea of what your special listing is all about. Set yourself and your client's home apart from the others.   You get a nice looking, professional portfolio website that can be used for your special listings as they come up. 

yelp-official-logoCustomer reviews on Yelp can bring organic search results BUT knowing about Yelp can be frustrating.

I sat in on a webinar hosted by Yelp. The host covered a few things I forgot and she also covered how to respond to reviews. The host shares tips on getting reviews, how to deal with negative reviews, and commenting on your positive reviews. Learn how to check your Yelp business profile settings so you will get notifications from Yelp when customers post a review. Learn why some Yelp reviews aren’t seen on your profile.

03-orange-birdChoosing colors for a website is fun, complicated, and takes some time.

Your industry + your style + your customers: what's going to work? Keep in mind that colors show up differently on all monitors. You can't control how someone else's monitor is set. Also...mobile devices won't show what your desktop or tablet shows. A large monitor shows a great background image or colors, but mobile and tablets won't. I come across different color tools and like to share so here we go:


If you have a specific color but want a variation darker or lighter try this website. You can get a color code from your printer or maybe you already know how to do that.  There are color picker tools for different browsers.

blabThe newest Social platform and Video tool is called Blab.im

Blab is a video chat app where you can have up to 4 people on a screen, having a conversation. Other Blab users can watch & listen from the sidebar. They can type in questions or comments, they can also ask to "sit" in an empty seat and participate. WHY is this interesting for business? Conversations, teaching, customer service, sharing, promoting, marketing, meeting new people, making connections, finding new people to follow. WHY also...as a Host you can record your Blab and embed this on your own website, upload the video to your YouTube channel, share and publish wherever it's relevant.

andrea blab final 22Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Videos, Blogging ~ are you kidding me?!

Social Media can help you keep in touch with customers plus helps people find you. Consider picking one platform and posting for 2-3 months. Then check your stats and see how it went. If your customers are on Social then why wouldn't you be there too?
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
If you need help setting up tracking we can help with that. Google Analytics is a useful tool but for Instagram you'll want to look at other tools.

A Landing Page is a web page for a specific online marketing campaign. The purpose is to capture leads so you can market to people in the future. OR...

Are you using the right colors on your website?

fav-colorMen and women respond to colors differently so you may want to pay attention to your target market instead of your personal choice. We recently did a color update for our client SharpRoofing.com. They discovered that about 80% of their site visitors were women. The problem was that their website was designed with a black background and dark grey....which is not the most appealing for their clients. Check out the before and after pictures: