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Hi there, I’m Andrea Hamilton. . . I’m a Web Projects Facilitator. What that means is that I make websites. I have developers and a team of other humans who work with me to keep projects on track. I’m a native Seattleite, a skier, and a dog lover.

I make sure my clients have what they want, get what they need, and I make sure it’s going to work for their customers too.

Web work in the past was mostly custom coded and our clients couldn’t edit on their own. We had a backlog of work when we realized that WordPress would solve problems for clients who wanted to do their own editing. So now that’s what I use and now you have a choice to manage your own site or not. I help by giving you training tools and some time – or I’ll get it done for you.


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Since 2010 I’ve worked on creating the right team of developers, writers & editors, video, and graphic designers to support my clients needs.


I managed the non-technical side of a previous IT support business and helped with websites, Quickbooks and equipment ordering. I started working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plus managing client online paid advertising, Google Adwords campaigns, and some video work.


Too bad it’s not year round in our part of the world but I am happy with the great skiing we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I love being on the slopes and teach at Alpental.

Before all this I had other interesting stops along the way: we had a lampshade design business, was a retail store manager, office worker at University Washington, graduated from Seattle University, also was a bartender, restaurant worker, delivery driver… In between, I managed to travel a bit. Oh, yeah, I also have two wonderful sons and dogs. The big ones are Akitas and the little white one is a Shiba Inu.


So… how can I help you? 425-647-6707